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Unlocked Minds uses creativity as a means to increase positive educational, economic, and personal outcomes for young people who have, or are currently serving time in juvenile detention. We work inside Albuquerque and Santa Fe juvenile detention facilities where our team of Teaching Artists facilitates diverse creative projects that empower youth, build skills, and address frameworks of oppression. By cultivating trust, safety, and a supportive creative environment, our programs provide guidance and opportunity to New Mexico's youth.

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Showcasing mask-portraits, artwork, and poetry from a group of extraordinary young men currently experiencing incarceration at the Youth Diagnostic and Development Center (YDDC), Albuquerque. This book is a stunning visual and poetic portrayal of struggle, strength, resilience, and hope.

The word Truality means, 'the true reality as it exists in the universe.' In this stunning, full color, 120 page art book, the public has a rare opportunity to experience the incredible stories these young men have to tell and get a glimpse into their unique realities.

Get your copy today and see what is hidden behind the mask. 

$50.00 - Available Now!

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