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Rodney (Rod) Chavez is a native, lifelong New Mexican who grew up in Socorro, located centrally in the state. He is a graduate of College of Santa Fe with a BA in Philosophy and Photography. Rod is a business owner, photographer, and documentarian with over 10 years of experience in technology based marketing and organizational administration.


Rod currently serves as the Senior Network and Systems Administrator for Presbyterian Medical Services where he specializes in PR/Marketing, Recruitment, HR Records and Policy, and the PMS Foundation’s donation, donor, and event tracking as well as consumer engagement programs. He produces advertising material and marketing collateral for events as well as new services and also manages and evaluates organizational startup programs.  He has excellent presentation and interpersonal skills, making complex concepts digestible, regardless of a client’s technical proficiency.


Rod is an expert in computer science, including Mac and Windows operating systems as well as their corresponding software and applications. Rod is focused on customer service and possesses expeditious problem solving abilities allowing him to maintain an efficient and progressive workflow. Rod enjoys working in teams and accomplishing large project objectives. He is constantly expanding his social and professional networks while chasing the American dream! Rod is a prolific photographer and the proud father of two.

Rodney Chavez

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