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Unlocked Minds, Inc. is celebrating several major milestones in our mission to provide creative access to youth in our New Mexico. Everything we do is only possible through the support and passion of people who believe in the transformative power of creativity.


We call our donors "Superheroes" because art saves lives.


We know this, because we have witnessed creativity's power to change societal assumptions, uplift lost voices, and set vulnerable young people on positive pathways most people would never imagine possible.

We have seen elementary school children share their stories and build their capacity for empathy, watched middle schoolers come out of their shell right before our eyes, and bared witness to incarcerated youth create new lives for themselves and the people they love. We have sat with young women as they discovered their feminist voice, and with young men as they embraced emotional bravery. We have stood shoulder to shoulder with members of our community in our shared mission to create the type of world we want to live in.

The arts are no small thing. They are essential to our humanity. Creativity helps us see the world in new, fantastic ways and bring us closer together. They allow us to see all the amazing things we have in common, while celebrating all the things that make us unique. 


We decided, long ago, that we would never give in to the fear and division that seems to saturate too many perspectives of the world. Instead, we chose to do something about it, and we chose to start with our incredible young people because they are our best hope. 

We are asking you to stand with us and help us empower the next generation of leaders. They are the architects of our dreams. Their fortitude, imagination, and capacity for love astounds us every day.

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