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Who we Are - Longer - official for print

Our Goals

(1) Provide platforms that amplify the voices of marginalized communities and foster broader awareness of social inequality.


(2) Utilize creativity to increase educational, civic, and personal investment among youth at risk of disconnection from their schools and communities.

(3) Work with local partners and schools to broaden support networks and increase creative access for young people and their families.

All of our programs are designed to meet the needs of our diverse New Mexico communities. We offer accessible youth focused projects with the goal of providing rewarding experiences that build confidence and empower young people to be vocal participants in fostering a more equitable society. We deliver a wide-array of programs in collaboration with diverse organizations/institutions, including public schools, youth correctional facilities, and youth and family shelters. Our programs are cost-free and provide youth with  creative outlets for self-expression


Where We Work

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