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Alanna Offield

Board of Directors

Alanna Offield is a queer Chicana from northern New Mexico and a graduate of the University of New Mexico with a BA in Liberal Arts concentrating in Chicano/Chicana Studies, Women’s Studies, and American Studies. She is passionate about youth organizing and is an anti-oppression educator in her community. When she isn’t organizing with her community for social justice, Alanna is either sleeping, doing silly things, or embarrassing herself by existing. 

Alanna believes that the personal is political. She writes through personal experience as an act of survival and resistance. Her work deals with themes of intimate partner violence, body image, and historical trauma. She believes that when women of color write their experiences they are committing a radical act of protest in a society built to silence them. She believes that creative expression is essential to growing movements for social justice. In addition to writing poetry, Alanna is a trained ceramicist and enjoys making videos of herself crying and putting them on the internet.

Alanna Offield
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